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The purpose of this web site is to have a repository of all HUDNALL/HUDNELL family descendants of John Hudnall (I) who was born in England in the early 1600s. John Hudnall (I) came to America before 1641 since he married Mary Webb in Northumberland County, Virginia about 1641 and is one of the first of this Hudnall line to settle in America.

The use of (I) for John Hudnall is for clarification purposes only to distinguish between him, his son, John (II), and his grandson, John (III). There is no "official" use of this designation on any records.

Once approved as a GUEST, you may search the database of over 9,600 names. By becoming a MEMBER of the Hudnall Family Association (HFA), you will be granted access to download GED & PDF files and be able to submit changes and updates for review and acceptance to the Hudnall database.

It is intended that this database will be the most up-to-date and accurate information available of Hudnall information. To join HFA, visit HFA Membership.


There is no official Hudnall Coat of Arms. There is one that was developed for commercial purposes but does not represent a historical Coat of Arms.

The Hudnall Logo, to the left, was created by the HFA members as a symbol of what the Hudnall Family is and has been.

• The tree in the upper right symbolizes our genealogical tree and the many branches of the Hudnall Family

• The flag in the upper right symbolizes our heritage with the USA and England

• The church in the lower right symbolizes our God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the many Hudnalls that have submitted to the clergy

• The plow in the lower left symbolizes our contact with the earth in the many Hudnalls that are farmers across the land.

• The banner across the bottom is in Latin and means "Always Family".

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