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Hudnall Family Searchable Data Base

Welcome to the Hudnall Family Association

The purpose of the nonprofit Hudnall Family Association (HFA) is to collect, share and preserve our heritage.

To accomplish this purpose, the association brings together genealogy and related material such as, but not limited to, census records, gravestone images, photographs, and news articles. HFA also provides a forum for exchange of information, for asking and answering questions about Hudnall (including various spellings such as Hudnal, Hudnol, Hudnoll, Hudnel, Hudnell or Hudlin) genealogy and history, and will generally encourage an interest in the world of genealogy.

Feel free to explore this site and learn more about the Hudnall family. We encourage anyone with Hudnall connections to join the association and connect with other Hudnall researchers to fill in your gaps.

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Hudnall Family Logo

There is no official Hudnall Coat of Arms. There is one that was developed for commercial purposes but does not represent a historical Coat of Arms.

The Hudnall Logo was created by the HFA members as a symbol of what the Hudnall Family is and has been.

  • The tree in the upper left symbolizes our genealogical tree and the many branches of the Hudnall Family
  • The flag in the upper right symbolizes our heritage with the USA and England
  • The church in the lower right symbolizes our God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the many Hudnalls that have submitted to the clergy
  • The plow in the lower left symbolizes our contact with the earth in the many Hudnalls that are farmers across the land.
  • The banner across the bottom is in Latin and means "Always Family".

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